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Christmas in New Zealand is a season of fun, frolic, and merriment. The holiday season, coupled with the summer frenzy catching on, Christmas vacationers in New Zealand are growing in number. The weather is warm, and the snow is thin, making way for a host of fun activities. Sing the Christmas carol or dress up as Santa, if you may wish, and have a gala time with your dear ones in New Zealand.

Here, we have listed some of the top activities for New Zealand Christmas.

Traditional Kiwi Christmas
The best way to spend to Christmas in New Zealand is to celebrate it the traditional way. The Kiwi version of a traditional roast dinner is cooked in a pit underground as per Maori tradition. Friends and family play an active role in the Christmas cooking. A traditional Christmas celebration includes Christmas Day lunch traditions with decorated hams, roast turkey, roast chicken, salads and roast vegetables. You may also try local seasonal produce such as cold meats, seafood, and salad. Do not forget to try Pavlova, the traditional Christmas pudding, made of winter Christmas food (such as plum pudding with brandy butter, fruit mince pies, and trifle), and seasonal fruits like strawberries and kiwifruit.

Join Santa Parades
Love to be part of the local community? Join the Kiwi Santa Parade for Christmas. Santa parades have a long history and are part of Kiwi Christmas celebration. Santa parades take place in city primes of major New Zealand cities.
The Santa Parades typically involve floats with cartoon characters and superheroes as well as community groups parading down the street. Santa Claus is the center of attraction, which makes his entrance at the end on a giant sleigh.

Travelers coming to New Zealand for Christmas love to watch Auckland’s long-standing Santa Parade and Auckland Children’s’ Christmas Parade. You must not miss out on Christmas parades in Christchurch either.


Christmas on the Beach
Spending Christmas on the beach is a great idea, especially if you are an outdoor person. Join your gang and arrange for a beach barbeque. It will be fun. Most New Zealand beaches have coin-operated barbeques. People love to cook fresh seafood and meat and complement with exotic salads made from seasonal vegetables. You can also go for a relaxing sunbath or take a dip in the sea.

Some of the well-known beaches include Ninety Mile Beach, Onetangi Beach, Ohope Beach, and Waimarama Beach.


Giant Christmas tree

Spending Christmas in New Zealand is never complete without the New Zealand Christmas tree. New Zealand’s tallest ‘Christmas tree’ – Auckland’s iconic Sky Tower, which stands at 328m high, is a must-watch for Christmas. The Pohutukawa tree, known as New Zealand’s Christmas tree, becomes most prominent at Christmas when it is lit up like a giant Christmas tree that changes colour in an orchestrated phase.

Most Christmas cards in New Zealand feature the Pohutukawa tree, to be sent out to near and dear ones.

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Happy Christmas, in advance.