Eco Travels is a household name as a no frills travel agent who provides bespeak tour packages, flight tickets and transfers, hospitality services, travel insurance, cruise, and accommodations around the world. Our knowledge over a decade makes it easy to create tailor-made packages for our valued clients in New Zealand.

We have more than two dozens of outlets to better serve our clients and twenty-four hours call center operations to help you when you need it the most.

We believe in – ‘Seeing is believing’, that’s why we attend the big international level sports event and experience it all, then recommend to our clients. Our passion for Live Events makes us one of the leading sports travel agents in the country.

Customer satisfaction is the heart of our company. Your journey is always special to us whether you fly to see your friend and family, going for a dream holiday or corporate travel, we make sure your journey remains hassle-free and enjoyable all along.


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