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We are very pleased and proud to see that our fight against Coronavirus unitedly has made NZ the ‘Safe Heaven’ in the world. It means we are/can move freely Domestically to start with. Borders around the globe are restricted for airlines to move in and out temporarily but govts are weighing out the risks and putting full efforts to get the wheels rolling slowly and cautiously. The light in other side of  tunnel is not far.

We are determined to update you with the evolving and emerging situations week by week. To get up to date info about Post-Covid border’s opening, visit us or download Eco Travels mobile App to get quick review and notifications when news unfold.

How will you be benefited?

* Up to date info about Airports accepting passengers
* Shortest transit connection with best airfares
* Custom-made tour packages to suit your budget
* Right Insurance Policy for peace of mind
* Extra care for families traveling with young & elderly members


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