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PETA: Avoid Elephants In India


PETA has issued a travel advisory urging tourists not to make any contact with elephants at India’s Amber Fort and avoid the area, after it learnt of a high prevalence of tuberculosis. TB is contagious and transmissible from elephants to humans. PETA found that 10 elephants who gave rides at Amber Fort had TB, many were found to be over 50 years old and 19 were observed to be visually impaired. All were found to be suffering foot problem with many displaying stereotypical behavior patterns indicating psychological distress. “Explosive reports of blind, contagious elephants who are forced to carry backbreaking loads day in and day out are exactly why these rides must stop,” says PETA spokesperson Emily Rice. “PETA’s urgent travel advisory is meant to protect both travellers and the sick, suffering elephants who are being denied much needed veterinary care, putting everyone at risk.”

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