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While there are plenty of places to explore in New Zealand, you need to find ways to save money as well. Traveling should not come with the heavy baggage of debt.

Find out 10 best ways you can travel for cheap in New Zealand:

  1. Booking cheap flights: Flight fare takes away a sizeable chunk of your holiday budget and also much of your holiday happiness. To avoid this, first make a list of the destinations you want to visit, and book flight tickets only but only when the price is right. You can browse through Eco Travels to compare different cheap flight options, and then decide.

  1. Lodging for less: After the flight, the next thing that matters is lodging. You can save on hotel fare by opting for budget hotels, hostels or home stays. Bed-and-breakfasts are cheaper than you think. You may also consider camping or caravanning if you are an outdoor person.


  1. Go local for food: Try local food for taste and savings. Most restaurants serving local food offer discounts to international tourists. You may also explore the local market and buy victuals, for more savings.


  1. B for Budget: Plan well in advance for your trip. This is required so that you can choose from cheap flight deals or book budget hotels in the off-season. Budget your travel expenses, and stick to it.

  1. Follow the $10 rule: When traveling in New Zealand, watch out for cheaper options for a local commute or free passes. Buy food from local eateries or opt for happy hour savings. The trick to traveling for cheap lies in being a sensible spender, and not a spendthrift.


  1. Volunteering adds value: Not many people know that you can go on a volunteering trip to New Zealand wildlife-life conservation or serving the needy. Most of these trips last for many weeks, where you will live somewhere for free and help the local population. You can also try World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, or find a local short-term job opportunity on your travels.


  1. Working Holiday: Traveling while on a business trip is fun, both ways: you can travel to multiple places for work, without having to spend extra bucks, and your work gets done. If you are on a business trip with your colleagues, even better. You can share expenses for the pleasure haunts.


  1. Travel Insurance: Buying travel insurance is something you should never miss out on when planning an international trip from New Zealand. While many may think it is an unnecessary expenditure, travel insurance actually saves you money and much more. Eco Travels is one of the best places for buying travel insurance.


  1. Carry less, pay less: These days most international airlines charge heavily for checked baggage. Travel with only a carry-on to save money. Also, find out about the accepted baggage size and weight before leaving to avoid extra fees.


  1. Use Loyalty cards: Use Loyalty cards to have access to special offers. Associations like AAA may help you find great flight ticket prices. Also, look up for private organizations like Hostelling International for loyalty card benefits.

Most important of all, enjoy your vacation. Traveling in New Zealand is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for some. So, make the most of it.

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Happy travelling!